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When a girl loves a boy
He becomes the center of her joy
His voice becomes her heartbeat
She breaths for his existence as she dies in his arms and her spirit falls at his feet
So she walks where he walks
Without question she believes every word when he talks
She becomes weak, numb to everything else but him
For he is her strength and the pillar of her every limp she gives her all to him
When a girl loves a boy
A boy who is too young to hold a heart
For his mind only knows to hold her ass
And I’m sorry I don’t usually cuss
But this poem may be for the boy who usually does
To the boy who calls himself a man
Calls himself a man because he has more than one girl reaching out for his hand
The same hand he makes love to every night when he is alone
The same hand he raises against her to prove he is a man
This poem is to the boy
To the boy who thinks a girls heart can be bribed
To the boy who thinks lobola will be the price of his bride
This poem is to the boy who knows not how to treat a woman right
To the boy who forgets the truths of his own mother
Day in day out he praises her love
Oblivious to the fact that the girl he feels he owns will one day be a mother just like his own
And to her kids she will tell stories of a boy
A boy, who almost ruined her life
Do not be that boy