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I fell love in once (part 1)

I fell love in once Not with her smile or the sparkle in her eyes I fell in love with the lines written all over her thighs So I could only try to read between them and not see the lies   I fell in love once Not with her gentle touch or kindness of heart But that...

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I hate to Die

I hate to die I have done it twice Three time's the charm I fell in love with the finger on your left arm I hate goodbye's I'd worship a lie That you'd be back Reuniting right into my arms like white on black I'd take a chance To fight sad romance I'd draw my last...

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Pinocchio Chicks

I have had it with Pinocchio chicks Fake beauty being preached from their painted lips Dictated by trends like puppets on strings All I hear is, "pretend" each time they speak Read between the lines of the strength they preach On the seventh day the truth still...

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Writing’s on the Wall

I have been here before My face has felt the hardness of this floor I have run from this war But I cannot keep running anymore For you I risk it all Given you will promise to break my fall I promise I will stay Even when the storm comes our way My legs are weak to run...

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