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Hello Africa

I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet
To go over everything

They say that time’s supposed to heal ya
But I don’t see much healing

I see black skin turning lighter

But the thinking doesn’t seem to become brighter


Hello Africa can you hear me?

We’re here dreaming about who you hoped to be
When you were young and just learnt what it meant to be free
We’ve forgotten how it felt before these chains of slavery

When you declared freedom for your black people

When you would hold their dreams and let them soar on the wings of an eagle

When you’d defend their future with the pride of a lion, bold and strong

You were beautiful and it’s no wonder I can’t move on


Hello Africa we played your heart, we did you wrong

We betrayed you for thirty pieces of silver with a kiss withholding our tongue

For the passion had been lost in our imported speech and keeping our pockets warm

Once the virginity of our innocence had fallen and we knew the defilement of corruption

Raping our own nations to a point where the conviction wasn’t binding enough to cure the addiction

And we could declare our nations Christian but like Zacchaeus, short lived were our intentions

For our nation’s only truly practice democracy during times of elections

When the people really matter and can actually make a difference


Hello Africa

I know you must feel misguided

By old principles that suggest that torches must be passed yet still feel youths can’t handle the heat

So they are urged to become educated entrepreneurs under systems that don’t promote creativity from beneath

Ilyo abaiche balepanga ifimpombwa, amyotoka shamawaya, ifidoli fyamaloba twalebamwenamo

So we opt for Barbie dolls, remote control cars, x boxes and play stations

But we cannot filter our inner blemishes and even when we think we are in control, we can’t really think outside of the box because our minds would rather be stationed
And the Bemba’s would say umwana ekalisha nga anya

So I guess we’ve become full of it


Hello Africa

I guess you must be sick to your stomach

I hope you kept your passport, we may have to fly you for treatment to where rich men and politicians go

As they have little faith in the hospitals they build for the people they claim to work for

And they’d appear smarter with their Harvard, Oxford University degrees, masters and PHD’s but I don’t want to sound like a broken record, you must have heard Pilato


Hello Africa, we became too selfish

In this world of IPhones, IPads, ITunes, I-Connect we forgot the essence of teamwork and unity

We have little trust and faith in each other that the inner doors in our own homes have keys and locks

When we have become our own enemies of change, blending into our problems like chameleons

Holding on to the wrong like a trending song but we cannot camouflage the hopes of a million

So leaders cannot build us walls of love and hope but more concrete structures to lean on

But we’re easily bamboozled by slogans we forget the poverties we came from


Hello Africa, our motherland

We praise your femininity yet we do not give power to the woman

We dogmatise her as a bed of fertile ground to harvest life but without the expertise to spearhead a vision

Oh how blinded we men are with chauvinist pride for women are the snowball of change

They’d take sperms and give life, take a house turn it into home and much more yet we cheapen her to only be a companion

Hello Africa

They say you have to be the change you want to see in the world

But our visions have been blurred by western trends and poor virtues that if we ever did change individually, we may not have Africa after all