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I cannot be broken
For there is nothing left to break
Of these I’ve words spoken
I’d have loved you by mistake

I’ve walked this road before
I’ve fled this land of dreams
Down to the bottom floor
Were you can’t hear my screams

Forgive my love for birds
But I didn’t invite these crows
My few last breaths they’ve heard
Waiting; my blood will stop it’s flow

I’ve seen me in your eyes
Blurred by the tears they shed
I became reason for your cries
Memory of demons I slayed

I knew hell, I rented it once
Twice and maybe three times
And still heaven gave me a chance
Whilst behind enemy lines

I was pierced by love
So the chains across my heart
Recall my murderers glove
Futile attempts that tore me apart

I’ve danced in the arms of another
My lips have kissed an imagination
Drawn in the face of my mother
For this I had no prevention

God took from me one rib and fled
I gave more for my imperfections
Will you take my spine instead
For all the wrongs, be my corrections

I have been broken once and more
Too broken to give a heart away
But take it, hide it behind your door
And wait till my hairs turned grey

Then open it, remember today
When you took my spine and stood for us
Remember memories, sad and gay
When my love once had fungus