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I have been privilaged to have several young poets entrust their talents in my hands and indeed that of Black Pith Zambia. I recently stubmled on a young man, going by the name Mata98. I’m not a particularly a huge fan of stage names but Mata sounds just right and this young man seems to be a potential jewel of an African talent.

His full names are Matakala Matakala aged 19. Born in North Western Province, Zambezi in a family of 7. One thing I seem to love about him is his particularly heavy tone, synonymous to deep African English accents prominent in some of the most powerful African leaders.

His poem get its premier, right here and what a lovely poem it is. Black women must be feeling a whole lot special this year with several dedications to them ccoming from all corners of art. Black Queen is a deep revelation of the beauty of a Black Woman, a Lozi woman as Mata puts it.