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Lot’s of activity happening in our world of poetry. The poetry industry in Zambia seems to be on the rise and will soon rival that of music. Let us see how the journey is coming along so far:

Look Out

Half Way

It’s been a great few months with the Black Pith Poetry as they have delivered on their promise to bring you consistent first-class poetry and music. They now go on a month’s recess so how about a catch up of their events thus far. Here’s a free copy of their publication, ‘Year so Far’ representing their exploits from January to April.




Hello Africa

The Hello Africa video is finally out and is gaining good reviews. When this poem was first recorded for audio, there were few criticisms on the delivery style sounding too local but in the end, the writer, poet and performer is a local. The poem is intense in its assessment of where Africa has come from, where it is and where it needs to go. You have to love the local touch in this poem; it’s bound to make every Zambian proud.


 Who’s Black Pith Poetry going to partner with in 2017?






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