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Black Queen

I have been privilaged to have several young poets entrust their talents in my hands and indeed that of Black Pith Zambia. I recently stubmled on a young man, going by the name Mata98. I'm not a particularly a huge fan of stage names but Mata sounds just right and...

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Can you Fit in my Cracks?

I cannot be broken For there is nothing left to break Of these I've words spoken I'd have loved you by mistake I've walked this road before I've fled this land of dreams Down to the bottom floor Were you can't hear my screams Forgive my love for birds But I didn't...

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When a girl Loves a Boy

When a girl loves a boy He becomes the center of her joy His voice becomes her heartbeat She breaths for his existence as she dies in his arms and her spirit falls at his feet So she walks where he walks Without question she believes every word when he talks She...

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Silence of a Woman

Just listen shhhh, she speaks more than you could hear Over to her face you look but she speaks not with her lips And you couldn't deduce the meaning of her smile lest the reason for her fear Not a clue she gives like a farmer who sows yet oblivious to what he reaps...

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